Replacement Crane Hydraulic Cylinders

Mitchell Crane provides a variety of options for hydraulic cylinder replacement or repair. 

Link-Belt Clutch Cylinders

Mitchell Crane makes quality aftermarket clutch cylinders for Link-Belt Cranes, these cylinders are the work horse of your clutches. With so much hanging from your hook, these clutch cylinders need to be in perfect operating order at all times.

Be aware of the condition of your cylinders and always fefer to genuine factory issued maintenance manuals created specifically for your machine for factory recommended service intervals and procedures.

  • Check for leaks daily
  • Remove and disassemble cylinders to look for scratches on pistons or cylinder walls which may let hydraulic oil by-pass
  • Inspect for damaged O-rings
  • Closely Inspect the cylinder housing for cracks or broken edges
  • Evaluate seals and snap-ring for deformation or damage

Upon discovery of a potential problem, Mitchell Crane can help you determine your options and recommend a solution. Many times leaks are repaired in the field by simply replacing a couple of bucks worth of O-rings.

If replacement is deemed necessary, we have you covered offering our own line of new aftermarket cylinders for a great value, or save even more by purchasing one of our surplus used cylinders which has been re-sealed, inspected and tested.

Telescopic Boom Trucks

Our cylinder services are not solely dedicated to Link-Belt cranes, we work on all types of telescopic boom trucks and cranes to provide sealing solutions for your leaks.

Re-sealing a hydraulic cylinder is a service which can easily be done at your local Hydraulic Shop, but a telescopic boom assembly can not easily be disassembled or reassembled due to size and complexity of arrangement. Trust the crane specialist at Mitchell Crane, with experience and the right tools, Mitchell Crane is a great option for you when it comes to having these cylinders repaired.

For local businesses who are able to bring their equipment to either of our two locations, boom cylinder repair can be a great value. For those who are a little further away our mobile service team can perform some cylinder repairs in the field, however depending on the size of your boom accommodations for additional lifting capabilities and work areas may need to be made by the customer.

From seals to chrome check with Mitchell Crane to discuss your cylinder needs.

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