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Our commitment over the years to serve as “Your Complete Crane Source” has allowed Mitchell Crane to branch into many industries and we have diversified our services to provide for needs unrelated to cranes but specific to our customers in these industries.  

The pursuit of customer satisfaction in this way is the means by which our industries served has multiplied throughout our history.


Mitchell Crane has produced oilfield products consistently for more than 30 years serving a range of customers across various stages of oil production.


The petrochemical industry has sought out Mitchell Crane to manufacture components for plants and refinement operations worldwide.


Mitchell Crane has worked for aerospace research programs at major universities to include Texas A&M University and produced parts for NASA.

Small Arms

Our precision machining capabilities may be best portrayed by our manufacturing of small arms components; for example, optic housings for state-of-the-art companies such as Tracking Point Systems®.


Mitchell Crane continues to proudly serve our friends and customers in construction with, hard to find, replacement parts which utilizes our decades of experience in crane parts, repair and technical support.  


Years of experience serving the marine crane needs of ports around the world have allowed Mitchell Crane the opportunity to serve the workboat and maritime industry. 


Conventional cranes have been at the heart of dredging operations since its beginnings. Mitchell Crane has provided support from these machines every step of the way with draglines as constant focus throughout our own history.


As a long standing member of ISRI, Mitchell Crane has served the scrap industry as a machinery dealer, parts supplier, service provider and manufacturer of custom adapters and attachments. 

Steel Erection

Cranes and steel erection operations are absolutely entwined, as “Your Complete Crane Source” Mitchell Crane is here to keep your machine lifting so you can keep building. 


Mitchell Crane has served the excavating profession long before the modern hydraulic excavator we are familiar with today. Excavating operations were originally performed by cranes and machinery operated by conventional draw works.  

Be it serving the time tested conventional machinery from the early days of excavating or the latest hydraulic technologies moving earth faster than ever before; Mitchell Crane is experienced, prepared, and eager to satisfy all the needs of your excavating machinery.


As the unseen muscle and blood that keep the world’s economy in motion, stevedores at ports around the world depend on their machinery as much as the world depends on them. We recognized this at Mitchell Crane and for decades now have consistently provided service, parts, machinery and support at levels of unquestionable quality to ports spanning the globe.


As far as four generations back the Mitchell family has been operating steam shovels and draglines for the rail road. As time has passed the railroad industry has evolved, and with it so has Mitchell Crane. We no longer operate steam shovels but now supports the railroad with quality custom made parts.


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