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Mitchell Crane steps far beyond the boundaries of the crane and heavy equipment industries precision cnc machining a wide variety of parts for a diverse spectrum of industries including oil & gas, maritime, fire arms, universities, nuclear, aerospace and more.

Originating in the aftermarket crane parts business, the Mitchell Crane precision machine shop is located in Bryan, TX and gives you the advantage of working with one company for all your manufacturing needs. From very small to very large, our machinists are qualified to hold the tight tolerances specified by our customers.

Through innovative approach and uncompromising attention to detail, Mitchell Crane continues to raise the bar for quality and efficiency in manufacturing with the integrity to protect your intellectual property.

Manufacturing Partnerships, Assistance & Capabilities

  • Research and development
  • CNC machining
  • Internal and external spline cutting
  • Gear teeth and sprocket teeth cutting
  • Welding & re-machining of worn parts back to specification
  • Reverse engineering
  • Re-engineering assistance
  • Confidential production assistance of proprietary parts
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