Oil & Gas Machining Components

Mitchell Crane manufacturing serves a variety of energy industries such as oil & gas by providing parts and components for all stages of production from exploration and drilling to processing and refinement.

As a leading competitor in cost efficient production and minimal machining turnaround times Mitchell Crane awaits the opportunity to develop more manufacturing partnerships with our customers in energy industries.

Mitchell Crane manufacturing has propelled its manufacturing partners to accomplishing sought after results from improving production volume of high demand components, to assisting the development and production of customer prototypes of the latest innovations in fluid handling technology.

Custom Components

Mitchell Crane provides specialty custom manufacturing services for virtually any part or component. Equipped with a highly skilled research and development team experienced in concept design and development, Mitchell Crane manufacturing is eager to assist you in producing custom components to serve the oil & gas industry.

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Fluid Handling Components

Mitchell Crane manufacturing particularly specializes in components developed for the handling of fluids in the energy industry. With a history of continued success and customer satisfaction Mitchell Crane produces valves and valve components of the utmost precision with the highest regards for time and cost efficiency.

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Our Manufacturing Team

Mitchell Crane manufacturing is made up of a team of individuals saturated with experience in the production of parts and components bound for all stages of oil & gas production.

From our research and development department to the hands operating our state of the art CNC machinery, all of our machining specialists have experience producing oil & gas components ranging from down hole operations to final refinement.

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The Mitchell Crane manufacturing team looks forward to serving your needs in the varying aspects of the energy industry.

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