Internal & External Spline Re-Machining

Reduce repair costs by having internal and external splines re-machined back to original specifications when other wise the part is in good shape. Mitchell Crane’s welding and machining processes ensure that re-machined mating parts fit back together as they are intended to and perform for years to come.

With experience welding and cutting carbon steel and grey iron castings we have the “know how” to re-spline just about any part out there whether for a crane or other type of machinery.

  • Mitchell Crane always evaluates the function of all parts considered for spline repair and have deemed certain parts un-repairable due to the critical function they perform.
  • Never withhold any critical information about what your parts intended function is from our staff when discussing the potential for a repair.
  • Mitchell Crane will NOT re-spline or re-pair some hoist components, and reserves the right to decline making repairs to any part which we feel may pose a safety concern.
  • We always suggest replacing these parts with Mitchell Crane aftermarket parts or genuine original parts from the factory both of which are available through Mitchell Crane.
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