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Crawler Crane Sales

More than crawler crane sales, Mitchell Crane has extensive experience evaluating machine capabilities and performance. Although Mitchell Crane is not in the business of selling new cranes, we’ve helped many of our customers identify the machine they need, find a suitable used machine and then rebuild the used machine bringing it back into service as a good quality usable asset for a fraction of the cost of new. Consider the difference between a repaired and painted crane. A painted crane looks nice and probably works well, but a Mitchell Crane is completely rebuilt guaranteeing years of strong service with less down time, “it’s not just a repaired crane, it’s a Mitchell Crane!”

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crane machinery sales

Sell Us Your Used Machine

Mitchell Crane is always looking for used equipment to buy. Please call Mitchell Crane and let us know what you have for sale. Typically Mitchell Crane is looking for crawler cranes and scrap handlers and although we can not buy everything we are offered, we do retain this information and pass along to our customers who are looking for specific used equipment. We are particularly interested in wrecked, wore out, broken or vandalized equipment in order to part these machines out.

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